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​Fairy Fari Foundation is a registered organization working with the most vulnerable groups of children, especially street and slum children since 2016. With a rights based, non-institutional approach to educate and impart life skills to vulnerable children so that they become self reliant. The main programs are Education, Child Development (life skills program teaching and management), Child Health, Children's Media (radio, video, newspaper and theater), vocational training (includes School of primary & Catering and computer education). Fairy fari foundation also has a research, advocacy and training wing that works to support the slum children and their families with the best of health and other facilities.​

Fairy Fari Foundation has attained recognition for its innovative, realistic and relevant programs for children, empowering these children with information and skills to exit out of the cycle of illiteracy and economic condition. The organization can be a member of the family for each child and it can be a world coalition of basic civil society organizations working around the world to ratify additional child protection policies and services. Through family, we advocate high child protection policies, services and we share smart practice and innovation. We supply our analysis on the problem facing children in our contexts and we continuously learn from each other and work closely with partners.

Fairy Fari Foundation also focuses on the girl's empowerment through football, we encourage girls as well as boys from different slums, urban areas and other vulnerable groups to take participate in Sports.

We want these people to come out of their homes and try to explore their talents. With the right direction we want these poor children to be able to stand with the rest of the people in parallel and put their skills in front of the whole world. Through football we support girls to step out of their houses who are always denied that they cannot do anything and who have no support. We believe that girls also equivalent to boys in every field and they also have same rights to play and educate.

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